What is Android


Android is an open source software that includes the operating system and middleware software, it provides tools and technologies which can be used to develop and build mobile Applications. Android runs always on top of the Linux kernel. Android also provides an application framework that developers integrate into their applications for application development.


Every operating consist of the kernel, the core part of kernel provides basic services for functionalities to the operating system. The kernel can be constrained with shell, the outside part of operating system interacts with user commands.

Space between two circles is the security layer. The kernel can comparable (middleware libraries quickly compile and execute machine language) with the operating system including all I/O operations and services like the scheduler. The kernel also includes middleware services like Data storage, screen display, multimedia etc.

Advantages of the kernel in Android 

  • Developers can do some improvements like extra features, special configurations

Ex: compare different models & different manufactures of Android devices each device will come with some special functionality.

  • The developer can have to control of minimum and maximum frequencies i.e CPU performance.

The developer can configure Scheduler so get lots of other stuff.

Why Android?

What is Open Source Project?         

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