Validation for login page


here we are testing validation with empty as well as some other conditions please find the code below.

1. A process associated with the collection and production of intelligence that confirms that an intelligence collection or production requirement is sufficiently important to justify the dedication of intelligence resources does not duplicate an existing requirement and has not been previously satisfied.
2. In computer modelling and simulation, the process of determining the degree to which a model or simulation is an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended uses of the model or simulation.
3. Execution procedure used by combatant command components, supporting combatant commanders, and providing organizations to conform to the supported commander and US Transportation Command that all the information records in a time-phased force and deployment data not only are error-free for automation purposes, but also accurately reflect the current status, attributes, and availability of units and requirements. Unit readiness, movement dates, passengers, and cargo details should be confirmed with the unit before validation occurs. See also independent review; time-phased force and deployment data; verification.





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