Nougat Features


This version released on June 30, 2016.


 Battery Power Optimization:

From android 7.0 onwards battery life is improved, when mobile is the ideal battery is also used in very very rare percentage.

  • Better Notification Control:

some applications are regularly sending notifications to users like shopping kart, banking for those notifications performance increased. Easy to integrate using firebase notification.

  • Data Saver

From this version onwards device won’t consume more data for the background process. So our data could be safe.

  • Arrange Quick Settings Menu :

Here we can customize a quick settings menu which is using regularly.

  • Enable Power Notifications:

If any unread notifications, it won’t consume data up to device unlock.

  • Copy-Paste in a Jiffy in Split Screen :

Her we can split our screen into 2 parts of multi-tasking that could be in either horizontal or vertical.

  • Change the Display Size:

Display sizes like font image sizes we can adjust.

  • App Shortcuts :

We can create shortcuts for apps on the main screen.

  • Pin Apps to Share Menu:

Here its very easy to share app and content others.

  • Enhanced File Explorer:

It should display the explore of all files into based on the format like size, space etc.

  • Mono Audio Playback :

This is the good news for who are single music with single jack it can support without disturbance.

  • Emergency Info :

Even if the phone is in locked also here can work emergency features like Roadblock on GPS, battery low etc.

  • View Shortcuts with a Physical Keyboard :

This is the keyboard shortcuts for tab users who are using physical keyboards.

  • Bonus Feature: Night Mode: brightness of the screen based on the day & night automatically adjusted.

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