Introduction to Mobile Application Development


From past 8 years, Mobile application development escalated business strategies worldwide. The mobile app is almost same as web application development but one major difference is if we develop the web application using any platform it suitable to all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac etc., but if we develop the mobile app that is especially suitable for respective platform only.

Mobile App development is nothing building the applications for low memory devices like smartphones & tablets. In the market, we have major two categories of mobiles are available those are Feature phone and Smartphone.

Differences between feature and smartphone

Feature Phone Smartphone
Feature phone contains a single application with basic features like camera, Bluetooth, contacts, settings etc. The smartphone contains an operating system with some applications.
The end user can not install any new applications The end user can install no of applications
Compare smartphones which have less memory Contains High memory
Feature phones are powered by Java Applications like Symbian, Java ME, MeeGo etc. The smartphone is powered by different operators like Android, ios, windows, blackberry etc.
The example is all basic models of devices comes into this category like Nokia, Samsung, Micromax The example is all other models of devices comes into this category


Simply reducing human efforts. The software which is designed to store data, provide entertainment, process data, do some business process, generate reports etc., these are developed by using some programmatic language like Java,.net, Python etc.

Operating System:

The operating system is nothing but communication between hardware and software, it can interact with the hardware devices and make them work

Mobile applications development also have two types one is Native other one is hybrid/cross-platform

Differences between Native and Cross-platform

Native Apps Cross Platform
Native can support for the single platform The native application can support multi-platforms
Example: Android, ios Example: PhoneGap, Xamarin, Titanium studio
Native Application is fast compared to cross-platform applications cross Application is slow compared to cross-platform applications
It can supports more features It can not support all features
Lightweight Heavyweight because we are taking the support of some external resources to support like CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, Angular JS etc.

Mobile Application types:

Mobile applications are two types one is Static and dynamic.

Static Application:

It can not communicate with the server always the content should be the same.

Example: Calculator

Dynamic Applications:

it can communicate with server day by day content changed.

Example: Amazon.flipkart

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