Comments in Coding


The comments are used for explaining the code. The comments make the understandability of program faster. The comments improves the readability of the code.

Any  language provides 3 types of comments:

  1. Single line
  2. Multiline
  3. Documentation

Single Line Comments:

using the single line comments we can write a message in single line. The single line comments begin with // symbols and they end in the same line.

Example: // This is a single line comment

Multi Line Comments:

Using the multiline we can write the message in multiple lines. Multi line comments begin with /* and ends with */. In between these symbols we can specify any number of lines.

Example:  /* This is line one comment

This is line two comment

This is line three comment */


Documentation Comments:

Using the documentation comments we can create the manual for project that is developed. Using these comments we can create the API (Application Programing Interface). The documentation comments begins with /** and ends with */.

Example: /** author: Androindian

created on: 27/05/2021

last modified: 28/05/2021   */






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