Random Number Generation in Flutter




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Organizing the code in Flutter

Organizing the code in Flutter main.dart



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Basic App Design Using Widgets in Flutter



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StateLess Widgets

Stateless widget is does not have any shape so in future also without any changes we can use this. First will see widget code in single file

the same above code i want use from child class like below Main.dart

From here right click on lib and create new package and create new […]

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Native vs. cross-platform app development: pros and cons

Native app development Native applications are created using platform-specific programming languages. For example, some languages that can be used for developing Android apps include Java, Kotlin, and Python. For the iOS mobile operating system, the languages include Swift and Objective-C. The native apps are created specifically to be run on the target platform — with the support […]

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What is Flutter

Using the flutter we can build beautiful native apps for Android & iOS from single code base.   Advantages of Flutter: Fast development: Flutter app has one feature hot reload, its helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and faster bug fixes. Good experience in  sub-second reload times, without losing state, on […]

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