Active Android


Active Android is the Advanced library for SQLite Data Base.  First add below gradle and repository into your app gradle

Configuring Your Project

Now that you have ActiveAndroid added to you project, you can begin your two-step configuration process! The first thing we’ll need to do is add some global settings. ActiveAndroid will look for these in the AndroidManifest.xml file. Open the AndroidManifest.xml file located at the root directory of your project. Let’s add some configuration options.

  • AA_DB_NAME (optional)
  • AA_DB_VERSION (optional – defaults to 1)

The configuration strings for my project look like this

Notice also that the application name points to the ActiveAndroid application class. This step is required for ActiveAndroid to work.

For Launcher Activity you can initialize Active android.

After that you can create one class to create a table and column like below


Now in some i want the store and retrieve data like below



After that in Manifest file add table like below as a meta data


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