27 Cool New Features & Changes in Android 8.0 Oreo


The latest version of Android is Oreo introduced on Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Redesigned Settings Menu
    completely the setting menu is changed in Android 8.0, that completely we can customize that as per or requirement.
  2. Revamped File Manager

The file manager is completely updated with the different folder like based on the content and all.
3. Battery-Saving Background Restrictions
Based on battery percentage we can restrict some background apps like Whatsup, Facebook, maps, GPS etc.
4.  Snooze Individual Notifications

If we are busy we can snooze individual notifications to the next 15 minutes. After 15 mintues automatically notification can trigger as new notifaction.
5. Fingerprint Scanner Gestures

Up to know this feature we have for locking and unlocking for the device only that only a few manufactires are introduced but now this we can get for each and every app as well.
6. Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically
Based on the mobile location automatically wifi turn and turn off facility introduced, so automatically battery life is saved.

  1. More Granular Storage Controls

By selecting the file it self we can find the how much space that file is occupying and also OS is also occupying less memory compare to previous versions.
8. Picture-in-Picture Mode
the picture in picture mode is nothing but while am watching one videos if am searching other video then the older video should come to the right of the bottom the with playing only so without disturbance we can check other.

  1. Autofill Framework
    Some of our regularly activities like entring address and credit/devbit card information those fileds automatically fills based on the previous data so that here we can save the time .
    10. Rescue Party
    When a fatal bug comes through and your device starts crashing, the os will trying to automatically fix the issue, that is Rescue Party, basically, it fixes when your phone repeatedly reboots, or when a  app continuously crashes.
  2. Notification Channels
    Normally when we no .of notifications latest one should top but here we can gave priority so that always that notification on the top.
  3. Adaptive Icons
    Up to now in android we have only styles of the icon like Square, circle, oval are available but from this version on words, we can customize icons.
  4. Hi-Fi Bluetooth Codecs
    Bluetooth has always lower audio quality when compared to a set of wired headphones. So from this version google implroved Bluetooth range with high frequency.
    14 Tab Navigation
    Up to only, we have the option to acces single tab in browsers but from 8.0 onwards we can manage multiple tabs in browsers like Laptops/Desktops.
    15. App Drawer Improvements
    This is easy navigation to the installed app once we enable this feature if you touch any where on the screen it should open navigation from the left side with all apps as listview, so easily we can access those.
  5. Wider Color Gamut in Apps
    Upto 7.0 when we want to use any colors of Image, backbround & text color only we have option RGB but from 8.0 onwards Render wide color gamut content with using below code (extra palet option to select color).


  1. Wi-Fi Aware

In lower versions, if any open networks available simply it will display only give some notification open network available but from android 8.0 on words automatically it can connect.
18. Notification Badges on the Home Screen
This is for unread notifications it will display badges for unread notifications same as ios (icon itself will display the count of unread notification) this we can enable or disabled from “Apps & Notifications” menu in Settings.

  1. No More ‘Unknown Sources’ Setting
    In previous versions, there is the option in settings i.e “Unknown Resources” that time if we check unknown resources its accept any type of APK. But from now it won’t accept APK from unknown resources only it can accept from official stores only.
  2. Battery Percentage Indicator Tweaks
    Previously, we have the small overlay to your battery indicator that shows the current battery percentage. But now, in this version, we have the option to display the percentage next to the battery indicator in your status bar.
  3. Battery & Connection Indicators in Quick Settings
    This is just a minor change, but when you pull down your notification panel there is the option to access your Quick Settings now you will see a set of network and battery indicators on the top of the screen, next to the Settings
  4. Powered by Android’ on Boot Screen
    In the bottom of the screen while booting the device its showing one message i.e. powered by Android its previously already available in pixel & Nexus.
  5. Package Installer Progress Bar
    When we installing any application in previous versions we used progress Dialog but now progress dialog as deprecated so instead of the now using progress Bar with animation.
  6. Smart Text Selection
    This feature is very helpful to user when user copying some text from the message or some other location previously all text should be same but from 8.0 if it contains URL that portion highlighted as a URL and other properties like Bold, italic, color those should effect as it is when we pasted in some other location.
  7. Overlay Sticky Notification
    Overlay is nothing but highlighting the necessary content. In Orieo google added this feature for notifications but for this Android 8.0 require permission from the user.
  8. New Emojis

Previously in android only we have rounded traditional emojis but now Google launched blob shaped smiles with gradient properties. Using emojis we can express our fellings in lesser time while chatting with others.

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