Comments in Coding

The comments are used for explaining the code. The comments make the understandability of program faster. The comments improves the readability of the code. Any  language provides 3 types of comments: Single line Multiline Documentation Single Line Comments: using the single line comments we can write a message in single line. The single line comments […]

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Procedure to develop, Save, Compile and Execute a java program

Step1: Developing a java program: To develop a java program we require an editor like notepad, WordPad, vi editor etc.. Program1:

Step2: Saving a java program: A java program can be saved with any name but the extension must be .java Ex: Step3: Compiling a java program To compile java program we require […]

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Structure of Java Program

Specifying the package name in a program is optional. A java program can contain at most one package statement. The package statement should be the first executable statement in program.

Specifying the import statement in a java program is optional. A java program can contain any number of import statements. The import statements should […]

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What is Variable?

A variable is a name given to a memory location where we can store some data. Variable Declaration The process of specifying what type of data stored into the memory is called as variable declaration. Syntax


When a variable is declared, the memory for that will be allocated. The amout of memory […]

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