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Creating swipe views with tabs

Swipe views provide lateral navigation between sibling screens such as tabs with a horizontal finger gesture (a pattern sometimes known as horizontal paging). Activity_main.xml


After this Add fragments and respected xml like...

Sqlite Example in Android 0

Sqlite Example in Android




Recyclerview with image 0

Recyclerview with image

This new widget is a big step for displaying data in Material Design because the ListView and GridView are one of the most commonly used UI widgets. In RecyclerView android provides a lot of...

Active Android 0

Active Android

Active Android is the Advanced library for SQLite Data Base.  First add below gradle and repository into your app gradle

Configuring Your Project Now that you have ActiveAndroid added to you project, you can begin your two-step configuration process!...


Date Picker in Android

In Android, DatePicker is a widget used to select a date. It allows to select date by day, month and year in your custom UI (user interface). If we need to show this view...


Videoview in Android

n Android, VideoView is used to display a video file. It can load images from various sources (such as content providers or resources) taking care of computing its measurement from the video so that...


Auto Network detect using Broadcast receiver

When using application suddenly if the network is OFF or ON we can detect using the broadcast receiver. Please refer below code for that step1: Create one class that extends as an application like below TestApp.Java...


Network Checking

In some  of the devices even when the internet is present also those will show net is not present on those case you can use code for network checking activity_main.xml