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DatePicker with Dialog




TimePicker Dialog




Volley with Listiew

Here i want to display list view and the items are in list those are loaded from server. Before starting this program just concentrate on Json (API). URL: Req: {“action”:”get_all_links”} Res Success :...


Retrofit with GET Request

this is the service for get Request: here postal code like below) Response: { “Message”: “Number of Post office(s) found: 8”, “Status”: “Success”, “PostOffice”: [ { “Name”: “Bharat Nagar Colony”, “Description”: “”,...


Table with border


now create border.xml in drawable folder with below code


Nougat Features 0

Nougat Features

This version released on June 30, 2016. Features  Battery Power Optimization: From android 7.0 onwards battery life is improved, when mobile is the ideal battery is also used in very very rare percentage. Better...

Features of Android 0

Features of Android

1) Open source framework, Android OS is open source and it is part of the Open Handset Alliance, most of the leading handset manufacturers in the world have Android phones. 2) Uses of tools...

What is Android 0

What is Android

Android is an open source software that includes the operating system and middleware software, it provides tools and technologies which can be used to develop and build mobile Applications. Android runs always on top...


Creating swipe views with tabs

Swipe views provide lateral navigation between sibling screens such as tabs with a horizontal finger gesture (a pattern sometimes known as horizontal paging). Activity_main.xml


After this Add fragments and respected xml like...