Android App development 

Thanks to the readers who are following my tutorials. Please suggest if anything you require more. These tutorials not only for startups including all we are posing here. Also here regularly we are updating new programmes.

Introduction of Android

Android Studio Installation



Layouts Design

Dynamic Layout Design

Widgets in Android


Broadcast Receivers

 Working with Arrays




Explicit intent Examples


Implicit Intent Examples




NetWork Checking


Active Android



Material Design

Recycler View in android





Interview Question

Useful Programmes




  1. Project Output And installation in Real Device (Generating Signed APK)
  2. Android User Interface Design: Relative Layouts
  3. Android UI Fundamentals Challenge: LinearLayout
  4. Introduction to Android Development
  5. Learn Java for Android Development: Checking Object Type with Instanceof
  6. Learn Java for Android Development: Java Syntax
  7. Handling Application Resources
  8. Android Application Build Process or Compilation Process
  9. Android M Runtime Permission Multiple Dialog Example
  10. Firebase Cloud Messaging Tutorial for Android
  11. Toast with Materail Design
  12. Hello World Program
  13. Android Location API
  14. Dialogs in Android
  15. Shared Preferences In Android
  16. Listeners in Android
  17. EditText in Android
  18. Google Login Android Tutorial – Integrate GPlus Login
  19. Creating our Android Custom ListView Example Project
  20. Android Action bar
  21. Implementing Swipe to Refresh, an Android Material Design UI Pattern
  22. What is LayoutInflater? Why we need to inflate and when?
  23. Supporting of Different screen resolutions
  24. Adding Advertisement into your Application
  25.  Android Form Validation Tutorial using AwesomeValidation Library
  26. Validation for login page
  27. Android Image Slider Using ViewPager
  28. Getting IMEI in Android Using Java
  29. Android Detect Internet Connection Status
  30. How to know external storage memory card
  31. Time Picker Example in Android
  32. Dialog with MultipleChoice ListView
  33. Display All Contacts from Contacts application in ListView
  34. Dialogs in Android with Data Binding
  35. Showing and Hiding Password in EditText in Android